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The Club at Hillbrook Wedding | Molly & Wes


June 25, 2024

The Club at Hillbrook Wedding

He opens his eyes

falls in love at first sight

with the girl

in the doorway.”

Molly and Wes’ wedding at the Club at Hillbrook was a magical and elegant affair with notes of historic aesthetic. Their love was on full display for everyone. Ever since the moment they reached out to me, I knew this couple would go down as one of my favorite weddings to capture and they did not disappoint.

But weddings do not come together out of thin air.

An event like this takes months of coordinating and planning. And I’m glad they chose the team they did. At the head, leading the way, was the always brilliant Maggie Mitchell. I love Maggie’s ethos when it comes to her process.

Her aim is to transform venues into enchanted spaces to create one-of-a-kind weddings. She is extremely detail-oriented and her work is incredible.

But admittedly, having such a gorgeous venue benefits the process.

The Club at Hillbrook Wedding

As a Cleveland Wedding Photographer, getting the opportunity to travel out to the Club at Hillbrook is always a pleasure. Located just outside of Cleveland proper in Chagrin Falls, it is the loveliest venue to capture. When you pull up to the property, you are greeted by beautiful, lush greens that cover the grounds while the Club House itself stands tall and gorgeous. A Tudor-style 40-room mansion that leaves me blown away by how beautiful it is.

A dreamchild of Cleveland’s own Edmund Burk, the mansion was constructed in 1912 – deriving its inspiration from a home he visited in Kent, England which itself was built in 1472. Which, being one for historical accuracy, Edmund had a portion of the English home shipped over to be a part of the final construction.

I love this.

The entire idea of a Ship of Theseus-style home is wonderful. Building a Tudor style mansion with pieces of the past. Placing that wonderful energy into the manor itself. It’s beautiful.

To have that history, that connection going back 700 years, for your own wedding day is magical. Which was certainly the case for Molly and Wes.

Their big day was one to remember.

Molly got ready in a bright and beautiful room with gorgeous natural light. Surrounded by her sisters, she was all smiles in the getting-ready room. So much love and joy in the air, it was easy to find myself swept up in the emotion of the day.

Her gown was a completely timeless and classic white

Wes on the other hand found himself in a darker, lounge setting for his getting-ready space. This was certainly his vibe. His father, brother, and friends were there with him and they had quite the time getting ready. Then finding themselves at the bar recounting memories and joking with one another as only brothers and friends can do.

However, the feeling was in the air that none of those memories could match the journey Wes was about to go on.

Soon, all parties found themselves guided toward the Parish Chapel, a small Catholic Chapel in Chagrin Falls that was just perfect. A lovely setting for such an immense moment.

As the “I do’s” were spoken the love and outpouring of applause from family and friends was immeasurable. Tears hit to floor as Molly and Wes kissed one another as husband and wife for the first time. Even my own lense was blurring up because I was getting a touch emotional behind the camera.

Finally, it was time to head to the Club at Hillbrook for their incredible reception. I just want to gust a little more about how this venue is completely timeless.

A venue that is just so incredible that I could go on even more about it. Did you know that it’s carved out of over 50 acres of black walnut and maple?

Well, you do now!

But, enough about that.

Maggie and Wes had such a wonderful reception. I truly enjoyed traipsing along the grounds and capturing photos of them along the stairs, on the lawns, the living room and many other locations the venue has to offer, before we moved to the patio terrace where their reception was held.

They entered their reception like royalty. Showered in praise and love worthy of princes and princesses.

From then on, the party commenced. First, the couple did their cake cutting, which preceded speeches and food served so perfectly.

Then, as the sun began to dip behind the trees of Chagrin Falls, Maggie and Wes took their first dance with one another. A beautiful, magical moment that will live in my heart for a lifetime. A moment of wedding day timeliness classic love.

The dancing continued as drinks were poured well into the evening. The live band that was there was also just incredible. Playing a mixture of big band, jazz, seventies and contemporary hits.

Beyond that, I haven’t mentioned, but the florals that enveloped the patio were just gorgeous. LV Designed really spared no expense in making such a gorgeous place that much more elegant and magical.

Finally, as the evening began to come to a close, I took the couple aside for some lovely personal pictures. I like to do this so the couple can have a bit of a breather and be alone for a moment. A luxury many brides and grooms don’t receive.

So, I’ll schedule ten or fifteen minutes in the reception so they can just love on one another for a moment and drink in the moment like the sweetest cocktail.

As the evening came to a close, there was no walk out. They would continue dancing and laughing and loving well into the evening. A truly magical and happy couple ready for the beautiful journey of marriage. A journey so unbelievably powerful that it can only be taken together.

So, to Maggie and Wes. One of the most magical couples I’ve had the pleasure of encountering.

If you are looking to have your own magical the Club at Hillbrook Wedding, reach out to me here!

Let’s discuss your ideas and vision and see if we can get you the perfect team suited for your needs!

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The Club at Hillbrook Wedding

The Club at Hillbrook Wedding

The Club at Hillbrook Wedding

The Club at Hillbrook Wedding